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profile_v2Welcome! My name is Esther, I’m a freelance  illustrator and designer born and raised in Wellington but now based in Auckland, New Zealand. I love creating something out of nothing and making (and collecting) beautiful things.

As of October 2012 I completed a Bachelor of Design (Hons) at Massey University (Wellington, NZ). Majoring in Visual Communication Design, Illustration.

Feel free to contact me at esthervankuyk@gmail.com

Etsy store: EstherIllustration
T-shirts: Printmighty


4 thoughts on “about + contact

  1. Your designs are beautiful! I just picked up a card of yours from the Manna book store with the giraffe on it. You are very blessed with your amazing talent!

  2. Hi
    I like the girl in the red frock; what is your price for this? They are all great you are very gifted. I love the one of Stephen.


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