Christmas Cards 2015

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thinking of you this christmas

Christmas is fast approaching (scary, I know), so I thought I’d paint some cards!

Can you spot the subtle New Zealand imagery coming through?

Email me if you’re interested in purchasing any.


Made to Shine





Acrylic paint on wood.

Valentine’s Day Creative Exchange Project

I was invited to a Facebook event called “Valentine’s Day Creative Exchange”. The girl organising it drew out the names of those ‘attending’ at random, and assigned each of us someone to create something for for Valentine’s Day. Kind of like Secret Santa. Then the created thing is bundled up, with a sweet note, and sent in time for Feb 14th. I thought, Valentine’s Day is a day where we’re encouraged to show love to those that we love. And admittedly, I neither know, nor love, this girl whose name I was given, but just because someone is a stranger doesn’t mean we can seek to show them love and encouragement. Hence the painting, “You were made to shine”.

May Contain Traces of Slavery

Slave labour is used worldwide in the production of consumer goods, with over 27 million people in various forms of slavery today. This project, entitled May Contain Traces of Slavery, communicates the context and causes of modern slavery, targeting consumers who are unaware of the link between what they buy and the effect it has on the producers. These images seek to inspire viewers to be a part of the solution and take responsibility for their role within the supply chain.







If you’re interested in learning more about this topic, check out and