Lovatt Wedding Invite



Late last year I had the privilege of designing wedding invites for some very special friends. They wanted hand drawn watercolour images, with shamrocks to represent her Irish roots on the wreath around her portrait, and ferns to represent his Kiwi roots around his portrait.



The dusky pinks, blues and greens tied in with the soft colours of the bridesmaid dresses. All in all this was one of the most fairytale-like picturesque weddings I’ve been to, and it was an absolute joy working on these invites with this couple.





And  matching Order of Service, for their gorgeous beach ceremony:




Made to Shine





Acrylic paint on wood.

Valentine’s Day Creative Exchange Project

I was invited to a Facebook event called “Valentine’s Day Creative Exchange”. The girl organising it drew out the names of those ‘attending’ at random, and assigned each of us someone to create something for for Valentine’s Day. Kind of like Secret Santa. Then the created thing is bundled up, with a sweet note, and sent in time for Feb 14th. I thought, Valentine’s Day is a day where we’re encouraged to show love to those that we love. And admittedly, I neither know, nor love, this girl whose name I was given, but just because someone is a stranger doesn’t mean we can seek to show them love and encouragement. Hence the painting, “You were made to shine”.